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Terms And Conditions

Well, we donīt really have a bunch of rules and such, what you see is what you get, but please read the following statements below:

From time to time our content may be outdated for a short period of time, since there are always lots of changes with promotions etc. But in general, if you follow the instructions given you will also get whats promissed. But we do reserve the right to make human errors etc.

We donÂīt own or operate any of the sites listed, so we must refer to terms and conditions on any third party sites as the true T&C. Our site contains links to other third party sites, We are not responsible for the practices of such other sites.

Online poker and/or online gambling may or may not be illegal in your country or jurisdiction, we donīt know the rules in every country, so please check your local laws before attempting to play for real money at any online poker room or casino. We can NOT be held responsible for knowing the rules in all countries in the world, as that is an impossible task since rules seem to change all the time.

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