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Ongame Network 40% VIP Cashback / Rakeback / Valueback !

Ongame Rakeback / Cashback deals are capped at 40% maximum for all sites by network rules, but you can get a higher rake back at Ongame with the special rake race we have every month !

The word used on the sites will be Cashback since the word rakeback is banned on the Ongame network, but there is no difference it´s just called another word on all Ongame network sites.

There are many sites/rooms on the Ongame Network, and it can be hard to choose which on the play at, but we prefer some of the rooms before others. The rooms we work with are big and respected company´s on the Ongame network, and are considered as safe places to play.

We think the best Ongame site is Betsafe right now. They have cashback + huge point races with many other great promotions, and they also have a EU License.

Players from USA, France, Spain and Italy can NOT play at Ongame Sites!

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